From Atheist Cop to Christ


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Miracles still happen,   even raising the dead!
Having worked for many years as an Ambulanceman & Policeman in the Eastend of London I found it impossible to believe in God. That was until the Lord choose to reveal himself through suffering, the very thing that stopped me believing! After the accident shown above, I had to make a decision to let the doctors turn off the life support machine that was keeping my wife alive, I called out in desperation to the Lord & he heard my cry!
On this site I want to share my amazing testimony including photographic evidence of a miracle, as well as my ministry details.
(Warning one of the photos on accident photo page is of a severe facial injury however I include it as strong evidence of this miracle!)
You can read an abridged version or  view the full video version recorded at Dagenham Community Church. Although my testimony is fairly long please stay with it. I’m sure you won’t regret it! 
You can read or listen to some of my sermons, any feed back would be appreciated. 

 Worldwide, it seems that although Covid has been in decline, so many other serious issues are raising their head! Jesus warned us in Matthew 24, as the end times draws near, we will witness such things as Wars, Earthquakes, Famine, Plagues and an increase in wickedness.  However he also reassures us that those who stand firm, will be saved! As you read my testimony, I hope you will be encouraged to stand firm in your hour of need, because God is Faithful to those who trust Him!

During Covid  lock down, Christian Vision for Men (CVM) requested I made a few 25 minute video clips that could be used in men’s meetings, as there was restrictions on live meetings.  I have placed these new videos, regarding my stories and testimonies whilst in the police in my testimonies menu. I also hope these, although some are humorous, will help you realise how Great God is and how He is in control of all situations. Even at this time of great uncertainty, recovering from Covid, many wars raging, economic problems, sometimes it’s hard to focus on our Heavenly Father. However I know He is more than able to bring us through The Storms of Life. 
If you have any prayer requests use my contact page. 
You may notice there is no donation facility on my site because I have a faith ministry and God provides! Why not book me to speak at your church? I don’t charge but sometimes travelling expenses are helpful if a distance is involved but not mandatary!

Over many years I have been blessed by the music of John Kennett who has accompanied me on a numbers of  my speaking engagements. You can hear a number of his songs using the link in my menu. 
May the Lord bless you as you surf this site.