Jonah:       Jonah Chapter 1 v1-17

Commit To God’s Word: Psalm 119 v97-105

Samson, Starts So Well: Judges 13 v1-33

It’s For You:      Isaiah Chapter 9 v2-7

The Cave:      1  Samuel Chapter 24 

A City Without Walls:  Zechariah Chapter 2

Jochebed, God  Takes Over:    Exodus Chapter 2  v1-10

The Three Strong Men: Judges Chapter 5

A City Without Walls: Zachariah Chapter 2

In The Pulpit: 1 Samuel 

In Covenant: Genesis 12 v1-9 

David at Last:   1 Chronicles Chapter 29 

Blessed are the Persecuted     Daniel Chapter 6 v1-16

No Other God’s But Me, the Offer of Life or Death: Deuteronomy Chapter 30 v11-20 

Things of God – Whats in a Name? Exodus Chapter 3 v7-14 

The Proclamation: Isaiah 9 v2-7

The Call From Beyond: 1 Samuel 3 v1-11