The Wise Men, what their gifts meant to them. Matthew Chapter 2 v1-12 

Outward Focused: Acts Chapter 5 v12-16 

Christian Wisdom Brings Spiritual Growth: 1 Corinthians Chapter 3 

Thankfully: 1 Thessalonians Chapter 1 

Don’t Doubt: John Chapter 20 v19-31 

The Prize: Hebrews 12 v18-29

Going For Gold: 2 Corinthians Chapter 12 v1-10

Bearing Good Fruit: Luke Chapter 13 v1-9 

He is Risen, the Emmaus Road: Luke Chapter 24 

The Church That Reaches Out: Acts 16 v1-10 

The Gift of Tongues: 1 Corinthians Chapter 14 v1-13

The Gifts of Wisdom & Knowledge: Ephesians Chapter 1 v1-14 

Rejection: John Chapter 6 v60-71 

Commitment To The Church: 1 Thessalonians  Chapter 1 v2-10

Feet Washing, Dirty Hands: John 13 

Lives In The Community: Acts 4 v32-35 

The Word of Life: John 1 v1-15 

In God’s Time: Romans Chapter 8 v18-27 

It’s Good To Give: John 6 v1-13 

Last Dying Words: Luke 23 v32-43 

Be Ready be Prepared: Matthew Chapter 25 v1-13 

It’s For You! Isaiah 9 v2-7