Biblical Sites I have visited

Here are some of the Biblical sites I have been privileged to visit. Starting with The Holy Lands then places Paul visited and other important places. I would encourage you to visit some of these places as it has added a new dimension and helped my understanding as I read scriptures. 

En Gedi


   Around 1000 BC, En Gedi served as one of the main places

         of refuge for David as he fled from Saul. David

             “dwelt in strongholds at En Gedi” (1 Sam 23:29).



blogmedia-080115040020_Lazarus_Tomb.jpg           The Tomb of Lazarus where Jesus raised him from the dead.


River Jordon  Roger reaffirming his baptismal vows in River Jordon

 The Wailing (Western) Wall Jerusalem

 Part of the route Jesus took carrying his cross

 Site of The Upper Room where Jesus took the Last Supper

mount of olives The Mount of Olives where Jesus spent much time

Jesus Jail Site where Jesus spent night jailed prior to Crucifixion

Jerusalem from Mount of Olives Jerusalem as viewed from Mount of Olives

Healing pool Healing pool of Siloam Jerusalem

Golden Gate Golden Gate through which Jesus rode Palm Sunday.

Now blocked up by the Jews to prevent   such a recurrence!

Beach Jesus cooked fish Spot where Jesus cooked fish after his resurrection

Garden Tomb The Garden Tomb possible site of Jesus burial

 Outside Ciaiphas House where Jesus taken the night before Crucifixion

Bethlehem fields The Shepherd’s Fields Bethlehem

Jesus birh place Venerated place of Jesus birth Bethlehem


Venerated place of Calvary inside the Church of The Holy Scepcular.
Inside the church is a rocky outcropping which is the traditional place
where the cross was placed. Archaeological excavations have demonstrated
that this site was outside the city but close to one of its gates and thus
would have been a good location for a crucifixion.

Temple Mount The Temple Mount Jerusalem



blogmedia-080115040018_Quamran.jpg Quamran where The Dead Sea Scrolls were found

Paul’s Second Missionary Journey

Phillipie Phillipi jail where Paul was imprisioned

Phillipi Ruins Phillipi ruins


Here Paul met a group of women to whom he preached the gospel.
Lydia, a merchant trading purple cloth, believed Paul’s message and
was baptized with members of her household. Subsequently Paul went and lived at her home.

 Neapolis where Paul visited Acts 16 v11 before going to Phillipi

Berea Berea as mentioned in Acts 17 v10

 Modern day Thessalonica as mentioned in Acts 17 v1

Meteoria Meteoria where Paul passed through on route to Athens

Mars Hill Athens Mars Hill Athens where Paul stood and preached Acts 17 v19

Athens Athens

Corinth Ruins of Corinth Acts 18

Corinth Judgement Seat Corinth where Paul rebuked the Corinthians

Ephesus the library Ephesus where Paul stayed several years

Ephesus theatre Ephesus Roman Theatre

Lindhos Lindos, Rhodes where Paul probably sailed from Acts 21 v1 (third missionary trip)

Lindos Bay Lindos Bay

Patmos Patmos where John was exciled and wrote Revelations